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Women's supplements

In the fast-paced world we live in, women often find themselves juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, from career pursuits to family care and everything in between. This has resulted in many new and existing supplement companies using women's supplement manufacturing to create their own supplements for women

Amidst this demanding lifestyle, prioritizing our health and well-being can sometimes take a back seat. That's where the supplement industry steps in. Here we will explore the growth of women's supplements, and show you how women's supplement manufacturing can help.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable rise in women looking for high quality supplements designed for their health needs. This is due to women becoming more health-conscious and aware of their specific nutritional requirements. There is a demand for supplements that can tackle issues like hormone balance, bone health, pregnancy support, and beauty enhancement. This is a great opportunity to join this market and we can help you formulate your own supplements for women.

Growth of women's supplements

The rise of the women's supplement industry is due to women actively seeking supplements to address the unique challenges they face, such as menopause and other related issues. More and more women are searching for dietary supplements that can help them navigate these specific struggles and improve their overall well-being. This growing trend reflects a greater emphasis on women's health and a desire for natural solutions to enhance their quality of life during these life stages and experiences. This could be a great opportunity to launch your own supplements targeted at women.

We're proud to have worked closely with companies wanting to create supplements just for women. We understand the unique needs of women's health and have helped these companies create the perfect formulations for women. Whether it's supplements for energy, reproductive health, or overall well-being, our team ensures that these supplements are safe and effective, aligning with our partners' visions and exceeding industry standards. We can create whatever product your looking for whether you want your supplements to be encapsulated or blended in powder form. We're dedicated to empowering businesses to make a positive impact on women's wellness.

Benefits of private-label supplement manufacturing

Utilizing private-label supplement manufacturing services like Life Lab to create your own supplements for women offers significant benefits. By partnering with private-label manufacturers, you can gain access to our expertise in product development ensure that your women's supplements are formulated to meet the highest quality standards. This not only guarantees product efficacy but also provides peace of mind for consumers who seek trustworthy, science-backed solutions for their health and wellness needs. Entering this lucrative industry could be a great idea for those looking to create a successful supplement brand.

In addition to the financial advantages, using private-label supplement manufacturing can have a positive impact on women's health. By creating tailored supplements, you contribute to addressing specific issues women may face throughout their lives, such as hormonal balance, reproductive health, and overall well-being. This empowers women to take charge of their health with products designed to meet their unique requirements, fostering a sense of empowerment and better quality of life.

Ultimately, choosing private-label supplement manufacturing services like Life Lab not only offers economic advantages but also allows you to make a meaningful difference in women's lives by providing them with high-quality, specialized supplements that support their health and vitality. It's a win-win scenario that combines financial prudence with a commitment to women's wellness.

LifeLab Success Story

The Female Superfood Blend Supplement - Core Defined

Who/What is Core Defined?

''Core Defined is a Female Strength & Wellness Business. We provide a safe space to help women find their confidence through Strength Training & Pilates, both online and in person, around the UK. We work with women through all stages of life, with our typical client being between the ages of 30-55. Our mission is to encourage as many women as possible to move their bodies, make better lifestyle choices and build healthier habits. We are a judgement free zone and we support anybody wanting to take that first step in changing their lives. As women we come up against many barriers not only with movement, but in our day to day lives and within our health. So after 7 years of working with female clients we decided that it was time to create something that would not only benefit ourselves, but would support women in all stages of their lives.''

What is the Female Superfood Blend?

''After personally struggling with anxiety, excessive bloating, stomach discomfort, PMS symptoms, brain fog, unbalanced hormones, low mood and being around those going through both the perimenopause and menopause, we searched the market for something that would support our bodies and take these symptoms away. We noticed there was something missing and began the journey of creating a supplement that would make a real difference. The Female Superfood Blend is a powder blend female health supplement that supports hormone balance. With all of the above issues in mind, it is made up of 7 ingredients each carefully chosen for various reasons. We decided to add Coenzyme Q10 to support egg health and provide fertility benefits as well as its preventative properties around cancer and other diseases. Ashwagandha helps the body manage stress better, lowering cortisol levels and reducing anxiety. The Shatavari Root naturally balances out oestrogen levels helping imbalanced hormones, and also reducing anxiety. Baobab Powder was added to improve digestive health and for immune support, along with its skin health benefits. Hibiscus powder is full of antioxidant properties including the ability to lower neuroinflammation, promoting brain health. Cherry powder is another key ingredient added for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. And finally, the Maca Root Powder is important for hormone balance, lowering menopause and PMS symptoms and reducing fatigue.''

How did LifeLab help?

Working with Life Lab.

''After reaching out to Life Lab and explaining exactly what we wanted to create, fast forward 11 months and we have something that we are super passionate about and extremely proud of. Something that has made a huge difference to our own health and now cannot be without! The team really listened to exactly what we were looking to create and shared their expert knowledge with us. They advised us but also heard our requests and worked with us, making adjustments along the way as and when we requested to. We were extremely impressed with their honesty and professionalism. They were keen to get it right without pushing us down a certain route or rushing the process. We are now ready to start working on the rest of the Core Defined supplement range and are very excited for the future. Thank you Life Lab.'' Phoebe - Core Defined

"LifeLab are a diamond in the rough when it comes to supplement manufacturers. We are not a small company by any means but we like to be cautious when trialling new products. LifeLab were willing to support us with lower MOQs when other supplement manufacturers simply ignored us. Their level of service overall cements them at the top of our go to companies for all new products."

Nutrality, www.nutrality.co.uk

"I have been working directly with Paul Mather for some time now and I can tell you that the service our company, Pure for Men, receives is excellent. Not only are LifeLab able to accommodate timely delivery of our orders, but they have also been proactive in helping us to plan for unforeseen events / delays, like the COVID pandemic. Additionally, the quality of the products produced by your team has been superb thus far. Paul is taking very good care of our business and we really appreciate him."

Pure For Men, www.pureformen.com

"We've been working with LifeLab for the past year on our first Pre-Workout launch. We worked closely with Beth and the team at LifeLab to create the product and we are extremely happy with the end product. They managed to source our ingredients well and brought them together to create some astounding flavours. We will continue to develop products with LifeLab and would be confident recommending them to anyone."

Wolf Supplements, www.wolfsupplements.co.uk