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Effective supplement encapsulation is a critical element in the manufacturing process, demanding a high level of proficiency to meet stringent quality and safety standards. At LifeLab, we boast extensive expertise in supplement encapsulation techniques, positioning us as a dependable partner for delivering top-tier supplements.

Our encapsulation process at LifeLab commences with the meticulous selection of capsules, taking into account factors such as size, color, and material. This careful choice ensures the foundation for a high-quality final product.

In the realm of supplement manufacturing, our proficiency sets us apart, allowing us to craft industry-leading formulations for our clients. Leveraging state-of-the-art facilities and a rigorous quality control process, we guarantee that the end result meets the highest standards of quality. Explore our capabilities in supplement encapsulation and formulation at LifeLab Manufacturing.

Manufacturing Capabilities

The encapsulation of supplements stands out as an optimal method for managing challenging products like herbal supplements, providing an easily consumable form with the added benefit of branding flexibility. Operating from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the UK, equipped with cutting-edge machinery, we excel in fulfilling a wide range of orders, covering standard capsule sizes and materials, We have an impressive production capacity of 1 million capsules weekly.

Our operations take place in class 7 audited cleanrooms, utilizing both fully automatic and semi-automatic machines. Our highly experienced operators ensure the production of the highest quality capsules. To maintain quality standards, capsules undergo polishing with auto-rejecting machines, preventing the passage of loose or underweight capsules to the next stage.

We offer encapsulation of powder blends using various capsule materials such as HPMC, Pullulan, and Gelatine. Should you require capsules of different sizes, our team is open to discussing customized solutions.

Choose LifeLab as your partner for unparalleled supplement manufacturing services. Learn more about our capsule polishing services.

Advanced supplement encapsulation | LifeLab Manufacturing

Encapsulation Services

Encapsulation services typically entail a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) to enable manufacturers to benefit from economies of scale and minimize production costs. At LifeLab, our MOQ for encapsulation services begins at a modest 25,000 capsules, contingent upon factors such as capsule type, ingredient specifications, and manufacturing capabilities.

Recognizing the challenges that MOQs can pose for smaller businesses, LifeLab stands out from competitors by offering flexibility. We are committed to collaborating with you to identify the most cost-effective and efficient production options available.

LifeLab employs a combination of semi-automatic and fully automatic encapsulation machines in our manufacturing operations. These machines fulfill distinct roles, with the semi-automatic variant excelling in handling more challenging ingredients and facilitating rapid setup times for smaller batches. This flexibility enhances our operational adaptability.

The fully automatic machine significantly boosts our manufacturing capabilities, achieving an impressive output of up to 180,000 capsules daily. In comparison, the semi-automatic machine produces approximately 100,000 capsules per day, albeit with faster setup times. The fully automatic machine, with slightly lengthier setup times, is better suited for larger production runs due to its encapsulation process.

Furthermore, the fully automatic machine proves advantageous for specific manufacturing tasks due to its heightened sensitivity to product flowability and compressibility. By integrating both machines into our processes, we offer customers a comprehensive array of manufacturing options tailored to their unique requirements.

Choose LifeLab for assured, reliable, and efficient encapsulation services.

Capsules and tablets are both commonly utilized in supplementation, but capsules are recognized for their superior efficiency compared to tablets. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, capsules are easier to swallow due to their smooth texture and absence of sharp edges, making them particularly suitable for individuals who may struggle with swallowing. Moreover, capsules typically dissolve and absorb more rapidly than tablets, leading to a quicker onset of action and improved bioavailability.

Secondly, capsules offer the flexibility of customization for releasing contents at specific intervals or in particular parts of the body. This feature is valuable for supplements requiring slow absorption or those targeting specific areas. In contrast, tablets are often formulated to be ingested whole, with absorption occurring in the stomach or small intestine.

Lastly, capsules can accommodate a broader range of materials than tablets, allowing for the formulation of supplements that may be challenging to create in a solid tablet form.

In conclusion, while tablets remain a popular choice for supplementation, at LifeLab, we advocate that the advantages capsules offer over tablets position them as the superior form for customized supplementation.

LifeLab provides a range of capsule options, including gelatine, vegan, enteric coated, and customizable capsules. Gelatine capsules, the most prevalent type, are crafted from animal collagen protein (Halal and Kosher certified). Vegan capsules offer a plant-based alternative, catering to the preferences of vegan and vegetarian consumers. Enteric coated capsules feature a special coating that shields their contents from stomach acid, making them suitable for ingredients that may cause stomach irritation. For those seeking personalized options, custom capsules can be designed with unique colors, shapes, and sizes, presenting specific branding opportunities, although these are subject to minimum order quantities (MOQs).


Advanced supplement encapsulation | Private-label supplement manufacturing


Excipients are inactive ingredients that are added to supplements to help carry the main ingredients and aid the manufacturing process.

Excipients fulfill various functions, including facilitating the encapsulation process, guaranteeing product stability and extended shelf life, enhancing taste and appearance, and boosting the absorption of active ingredients.

Additionally, capsule excipients play a role in improving the bioavailability of active ingredients. For instance, certain excipients can enhance the solubility and absorption of poorly soluble compounds, resulting in heightened efficacy and increased bioavailability of the product.

Excipients serve diverse functions, such as aiding the encapsulation process, guaranteeing product stability and prolonged shelf life, improving taste and appearance, and augmenting the absorption of active ingredients.

Moreover, capsule excipients contribute to the enhancement of active ingredient bioavailability. For example, specific excipients can elevate the solubility and absorption of poorly soluble compounds, leading to improved efficacy and heightened product bioavailability.

LifeLab takes pride in presenting a range of premium supplements featuring natural excipients like brown rice flour and bamboo extract. Our commitment to integrating these natural additives is driven by the goal of improving product stability, bioavailability, and overall quality.

However, we acknowledge that certain customers may prefer formulations without excipients. Consequently, we are actively exploring innovative methods to craft supplements that maintain effectiveness without the use of excipients.

Whether you opt for supplements with natural excipients or without, you can trust LifeLab to deliver products of the highest quality. Our commitment extends to accommodating the diverse needs and preferences of our customers, enabling you to make a confident choice on your health and wellness journey.

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Encapsulation Expertise

LifeLab stands as a renowned leader in supplement manufacturing in the Uk, specialising in advanced encapsulation technology. Through LifeLab’s cutting-edge encapsulation techniques, the creation of supplement products is elevated, resulting in improved stability, heightened bioavailability, and controlled release of active ingredients.

Our core strength lies in our ability to tailor encapsulation approaches to the distinct needs of each client, with a focus on supplement encapsulation. Collaborating closely with clients, our adept technicians and account managers identify the optimal encapsulation materials and techniques for individual supplement projects. This flexible and client-centric approach has empowered LifeLab to develop a diverse and innovative range of encapsulated supplement products spanning the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetic industries.

In conclusion, LifeLab’s encapsulation expertise, particularly in the realm of supplement encapsulation, positions us as a valuable partner for companies striving to enhance the efficacy and safety of their supplement products. The demonstrated success and leadership in supplement encapsulation make LifeLab the ideal choice for clients seeking to develop impactful and well-encapsulated supplement products across various industries.

LifeLab is a standout provider of premium supplement capsule products within the industry. Our unwavering commitment to quality is showcased through the rigorous implementation of independent lab testing on all our supplement products, guaranteeing precise labelling and dosages. This distinctive approach sets us apart in the market, fostering the confidence our customers need to trust in the effectiveness of our supplement encapsulation.

Prioritising independent lab testing is a cornerstone of upholding the highest standards of quality, and LifeLab is dedicated to this crucial step, particularly in the realm of supplement encapsulation. Through consistent testing by third-party laboratories, we proactively identify and address any potential issues before they can impact the integrity of our supplement encapsulation products.

For those seeking a dependable and reputable supplement encapsulation provider, LifeLab stands as an exceptional choice. Our steadfast commitment to transparency and quality ensures that the supplement encapsulation products you choose are reliable and trustworthy. If you’re considering supplement encapsulation in capsule products, turn to LifeLab for our stringent quality assurance and unwavering dedication to independent lab testing.

Life Lab’s manufacturing facility has achieved three crucial accreditations – GMP, HACCP, and ISO 9001, underscoring a steadfast commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction in supplement encapsulation. GMP ensures the consistent production of products in strict adherence to rigorous quality standards. HACCP systematically identifies, assesses, and controls food safety hazards, while ISO 9001 outlines requirements for a robust quality management system, including supplement encapsulation processes.

These certifications distinguish LifeLab as a leader in the supplement manufacturing industry, assuring customers of receiving supplement encapsulation products of the utmost safety and quality. The certifications reflect LifeLab’s earnest dedication to its responsibilities, highlighting a commitment to delivering the finest supplement encapsulation products and services. Customers can trust in the safety and effectiveness of LifeLab’s supplement encapsulation, manufactured to the highest standards.

LifeLab’s manufacturing facility stands among the industry’s elite, consistently producing high-quality supplement encapsulation products. With these certifications, LifeLab maintains its unwavering commitment to quality and safety in supplement encapsulation, ensuring customers can place full trust in its products.

Members of the Life Lab team undergo thorough training in food safety and allergen awareness, holding a minimum of level 2 certification in HACCP and food safety, particularly crucial in the context of supplement encapsulation. Senior team members achieve a minimum level 3 certification, underscoring LifeLab’s dedication to fostering a safe and healthy environment for its customers, especially in supplement encapsulation practices. HACCP, being a food safety management system, concentrates on identifying and managing hazards that may lead to food or supplement contamination.

Food safety training, including supplement encapsulation protocols, encompasses proper food and supplement handling, storage, and preparation to mitigate the risk of foodborne illness. Additionally, allergen awareness training equips team members to identify and manage allergens in the workplace, covering aspects such as understanding allergen labeling, preventing cross-contamination, and adhering to proper cleaning procedures, crucial in the context of supplement encapsulation.

With this comprehensive training, the Life Lab team ensures that customers can confidently trust the safety and quality of the food and supplement encapsulation products they consume.

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