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Packaging and Labelling Experts

Are you searching for optimal packaging and labeling strategies? LifeLab Manufacturing specialise in private-labelling supplement manufacturing

Packaging & labelling play pivotal roles in the success of any supplement brand, and at LifeLab, we understand the significance of this. On this special occasion, we've curated a comprehensive guide to empower you with the best practices for crafting compelling packaging & labelling solutions.

LifeLab's experts are dedicated to steering you through the intricacies of material selection, label design, and regulatory compliance. We recognise that in a competitive market, effective packaging & labelling can be the differentiating factors for your products. Trust LifeLab to assist you in achieving prominence and success in the dynamic world of supplement manufacturing.

Elevate your supplement products above the competition with distinctive packaging & labelling solutions, expertly tailored by LifeLab. From selecting optimal materials to ensuring compliance with regulations, we're here to guide you through the entire process.

At LifeLab, we grasp the vital role packaging and supplement labeling play in establishing brand identity and fostering customer loyalty. As we celebrate our one-year milestone, trust us to be your partner in creating packaging & labelling solutions that not only meet regulatory standards but also set your sport supplements apart from the rest. Let LifeLab be your trusted companion on the journey to crafting unparalleled supplement labelling that resonates with your target audience.

Packaging FAQs

At LifeLab, we proudly provide a diverse array of packaging options sourced from our esteemed UK supplier, tailored to meet the unique needs of supplement labelling. For encapsulated products, the common choices encompass plastic (HDPE/PET) or amber glass bottles, with the added flexibility of pouches. Depending on your specifications, we offer the option of utilising either branded or unbranded pouches.

In the realm of supplement labelling for powder-based products, we offer standard tubs crafted from generally HDPE plastic, available in a spectrum of colours, contingent upon minimum order quantities (MOQs). Our plastic tubs stand as a versatile choice, catering to the specific requirements of supplement labelling. Furthermore, we extend the option of labelled or branded pouches, including environmentally friendly choices, pending adherence to MOQs set by our suppliers.

Recognising the intricacies of supplement labelling, LifeLab is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive range of packaging solutions that align seamlessly with the unique demands of supplement labelling, be it for encapsulated or powder-based products.

LifeLab upholds a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability, offering eco-friendly packaging solutions that align with our values of responsibility and care. Our range of packaging options, including bottles and pouches, is crafted from environmentally friendly materials such as recycled plastic and paper. This conscious choice is aimed at minimising our environmental impact and fostering a circular economy.

In our pursuit of sustainability, LifeLab’s packaging is not only eco-friendly but also designed for easy recyclability, contributing to the reduction of waste and encouraging responsible disposal practices. We understand the importance of taking accountability for our environmental impact, and we are resolute in our dedication to minimising waste and promoting sustainability throughout our operations.

When you choose LifeLab products, you are making a choice for a company that prioritises environmental responsibility and actively works towards reducing its carbon footprint. Feel confident in supporting a brand that values sustainability and upholds high standards in both product quality and environmental impact, including eco-friendly practices in supplement labelling.

Life Lab stands at the forefront as a premier provider of sustainable packaging solutions, with a distinct expertise in glass packaging, particularly tailored for supplement labeling. Glass, renowned for its eco-friendly attributes, is a stellar packaging material, being 100% recyclable and aligning seamlessly with the values of environmentally conscious consumers and businesses alike.

Our extensive range of glass packaging options, including bottles and jars, comes in diverse shapes and sizes, catering specifically to the varied needs and preferences within the supplement labeling industry. Life Lab goes beyond the ordinary by offering customizable glass packaging solutions, empowering businesses to showcase their unique brand identity through distinctive designs and supplement labeling.

LifeLab’s commitment to sustainability transcends the final product. We prioritise environmentally responsible manufacturing processes and maintain close collaboration with suppliers to ensure ethical sourcing practices. With LifeLab’s glass packaging solutions tailored for supplement labelling, businesses can present their customers with a premium, sustainable packaging option that resonates with their values and actively contributes to fostering a circular economy.

LifeLab excels in offering personalised sports supplement manufacturing and packaging solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of individual customers, with a particular emphasis on supplement labelling. Drawing from extensive experience in the sports supplement industry, LifeLab places a premium on the quality, effectiveness, and safety of every product we deliver.

Our bespoke services extend to personalised packaging solutions, encompassing supplement labelling, label design and printing, bottle and cap selection, and shrink wrapping. This comprehensive approach ensures that the final supplement product not only meets the highest standards of quality and safety but also stands out in a fiercely competitive market.

LifeLab’s unwavering commitment to quality, customisation, and customer satisfaction positions us as a premier choice for those seeking tailored sports supplement manufacturing and packaging solutions. For a holistic and personalised approach to your supplement labelling needs, reach out to LifeLab today to discover more about our comprehensive services.

Labelling FAQs

LifeLab stands as a premier provider of expert supplement labelling solutions, delivering a comprehensive range of services to ensure your product not only meets stringent regulatory requirements but also aligns with industry standards. Boasting years of experience in the nutraceutical industry, LifeLab possesses the knowledge and expertise required to craft custom label designs tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your supplement stands out prominently on the shelf.

Our dedicated team of experts remains vigilant, staying up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes in supplement labelling. From the creation of ingredient lists to rigorous compliance checks, LifeLab guides you seamlessly through the entire supplement labelling process. Whether you’re launching a new supplement product or necessitate an update to your existing label, LifeLab equips you with the tools and expertise necessary to deliver high-quality, compliant supplement labelling solutions meticulously tailored to enhance your brand’s visibility and adherence to industry standards.

LifeLab collaborates with leading providers of label materials, presenting a wide array of options, including eco-friendly alternatives, specifically tailored for supplement labelling. Committed to sustainability, we extend choices such as recycled paper, bio-based plastics, and compostable labels. These materials not only offer a sustainable edge but also present a cost-effective solution, ensuring a greener alternative without compromising on the quality of supplement labelling.

In our pursuit of environmentally conscious practices, LifeLab provides diverse label types, including pressure-sensitive, shrink sleeve, and in-mold labels, catering to the varied needs within the supplement labelling industry. Whether you prioritise sustainability or seek versatile label options, LifeLab stands as the go-to provider for businesses aiming for diverse, eco-friendly label alternatives that are not only affordable but also align with the values of sustainable supplement labelling.

Choose LifeLab as your trusted label material provider to access high-quality labels that seamlessly integrate with your supplement labelling needs while championing environmental responsibility. We are the preferred choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive range of eco-friendly label options that prioritise both affordability and sustainability. Connect with us to explore our diverse and environmentally conscious label solutions.

Recognising the pivotal role of supplement labelling for businesses of all scales, LifeLab is dedicated to providing accessible and affordable labelling services with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) as low as 100 labels. This commitment ensures that our labelling services are not only within reach for larger enterprises but also for small businesses and individuals in the supplement industry.

Our labelling services are thoughtfully crafted to cater to the diverse needs of customers across various industries, emphasising flexibility and affordability. Utilising high-quality materials and advanced printing techniques, we guarantee that your supplement labels meet the highest standards. Whether it’s product labels or packaging labels, our team of experts collaborates with you to craft custom labels tailored to your specific requirements in the realm of supplement labelling.

LifeLab’s dedication to quality and accessibility shines through in our low MOQ, making it feasible for businesses of all sizes to obtain the high-quality supplement labels they need at an affordable price. Trust us to deliver top-notch labels that align with your supplement labelling requirements. Connect with us today to explore our labelling services and discover how we can elevate your business.

LifeLab specialises in providing budget-friendly sample labels tailored for supplement manufacturing, ensuring both quality and compliance with regulatory standards. These sample labels play a pivotal role in securing customer approval and meeting stringent regulatory requirements within the supplement manufacturing industry. Available in a diverse range of sizes, shapes, and colours, LifeLab’s sample labels cater specifically to the varied needs of supplement types and packaging in the manufacturing process. Customisation options extend to incorporating logos, barcodes, and crucial product information.

Designed with precision, LifeLab’s sample labels serve as a vital asset for supplement manufacturers, effectively preventing errors, mix-ups, and delays. This meticulous approach contributes to elevated product quality and heightened customer satisfaction. The modest charge associated with these sample labels covers production costs, ensuring that clients in the supplement manufacturing sector have access to top-notch labels without exceeding their budget constraints. Count on LifeLab as your trusted partner for reliable and affordable sample labels, perfectly aligned with the unique demands of supplement manufacturing. Connect with us today to delve deeper into our comprehensive services.

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