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20 years experience and specialised knowledge in shipping & fulfilment

LifeLab stands out as a distinguished and knowledgeable expert in supplement shipping and fulfillment, boasting a stellar track record of timely deliveries and impeccable product conditions. Our operational process is streamlined and efficient, integrating cutting-edge logistics technologies and innovations to ensure optimal efficiency with minimal errors. LifeLab is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire supplement shipping and fulfillment journey, from order placement to the final delivery, demonstrating unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Whether you're just starting out or your an existing business owner navigating the competitive E-Commerce landscape, LifeLab possesses the expertise and resources to propel your success. Connect with LifeLab today to explore our supplement shipping and fulfillment solutions, and discover how they can contribute to the growth of your business.


LifeLab is a reputable source for premium health and wellness products, delivering a seamless experience through dependable supplement shipping services. In collaboration with esteemed courier partners, Parcelforce and DPD, LifeLab guarantees the prompt and secure delivery of orders. For those in need of urgent delivery, LifeLab offers express shipping options, ensuring customers swiftly receive their health and wellness products. Whether choosing standard or express supplement shipping, customers can trust that their orders are in capable hands, guaranteeing safe and timely delivery. This underscores LifeLab’s unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, exemplified by the choice of reputable couriers and the provision of express supplement shipping alternatives.

LifeLab excels in providing dependable and efficient supplement shipping services, specifically tailored for palletised goods. Leveraging our extensive network of trusted haulier partners, we extend our pallet shipping services throughout the UK and internationally. Recognizing the urgency of certain shipments, we offer express options for supplement pallet shipping, ensuring swift delivery of your goods. Our pallet shipping services are adaptable and customisable to suit your unique requirements, regardless of shipment size. Rely on LifeLab to manage your supplement shipping needs with professionalism and precision. Reach out to us today for all your supplement shipping requirements. With our unwavering commitment to delivering quality service, you can trust that your supplement cargo will reach its destination securely and on schedule. Choose LifeLab for a seamless and stress-free supplement pallet shipping experience.

LifeLab extends adaptable supplement shipping choices, tailoring costs based on the selected services. Customers can opt for standard, express, or priority supplement shipping, with expenses contingent on the package’s weight and destination. Additionally, eligible orders may qualify for complimentary supplement shipping, subject to spending thresholds or ongoing promotions. Prioritising affordability and dependability, LifeLab ensures the prompt and efficient delivery of customer orders. For the latest offers and specifics on supplement shipping choices, get in touch with your dedicated account manager. Whether your preference is standard, express, or priority supplement shipping, LifeLab provides comprehensive and flexible solutions to meet your specific requirements.

At LifeLab, our commitment to sustainability takes centre stage, and we are proud to join forces with supplement shipping partners who share our eco-friendly values. Our chosen collaborators are dedicated to environmental consciousness, implementing green solutions that effectively shrink their carbon footprint. They embrace the use of eco-friendly packaging materials to minimise waste and employ alternative energy sources, such as electric and hybrid vehicles, to curtail emissions. Furthermore, these partners strategically optimise their delivery routes, mitigating fuel consumption and decreasing transportation-related emissions. Through these sustainable alliances, we ensure that our supplement products are shipped with efficiency, upholding our standards of quality and speed. At LifeLab, we understand the collective responsibility to preserve our planet, and by partnering with supplement shipping companies that resonate with our vision, we actively contribute to building a greener future.


LifeLab is proud to announce its collaboration with Abstrakt Services Ltd, ushering in an era of exceptional supplement shipping and fulfilment services for our valued customers. Through this strategic partnership, we bring forth comprehensive warehousing and logistics solutions tailored to meet the unique business requirements of our clients. Leveraging Abstrakt’s profound expertise in the fulfilment industry and LifeLab’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, we guarantee an unparalleled level of service. Our suite of supplement shipping and fulfilment options encompasses order fulfilment, inventory management, and shipping services. We are enthusiastic about embarking on this new chapter and eagerly anticipate a close and successful partnership with Abstrakt Services Ltd. Opt for LifeLab for an unmatched supplement shipping and fulfilment services experience!

LifeLab’s supplement shipping and fulfilment services, facilitated through Abstrakt, present a myriad of advantages for businesses aiming to enhance their operations and elevate the customer experience. Entrusting order fulfilment to LifeLab allows business owners to redirect their focus towards growth and expansion. The utilization of LifeLab’s warehouse management system ensures precise and efficient processing, diminishing errors and amplifying customer satisfaction. The extensive carrier network enables access to discounted supplement shipping rates and expedited delivery times, thereby enriching the overall customer experience. Transparent reporting and real-time inventory tracking provide heightened visibility and control across the supply chain. These inherent advantages establish LifeLab’s supplement shipping and fulfilment services as an invaluable resource for businesses striving to optimise their operations and outpace competitors. Collaborating with LifeLab through Abstrakt offers the support and tools necessary to augment your business’s logistics and foster brand growth.

LifeLab’s supplement shipping and fulfilment services feature adaptable pricing structures designed to cater to the diverse requirements of their clients. For the most up-to-date pricing details, it is advisable to directly engage with the LifeLab team. Drawing on their extensive expertise in logistics and supply chain management, LifeLab is dedicated to delivering cost-effective solutions that elevate your business operations. Partnering with LifeLab affords you the advantage of personalised services crafted to address the unique needs of your supplement shipping requirements. To delve deeper into their comprehensive fulfilment services and receive an accurate pricing quote, connect with the LifeLab team today. With their unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, LifeLab stands as the ideal partner to optimize your supplement shipping and fulfilment needs.

LifeLab’s supplement shipping and fulfilment services, facilitated through Abstrakt, are intricately designed for seamless integration with various software, including well-known online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. This fully automated and streamlined supplement shipping and fulfilment process guarantee swift and accurate order processing, empowering businesses to concentrate on growth and development. With the support of LifeLab’s supplement shipping and fulfilment services, businesses can confidently expand their reach and conduct sales on these prominent platforms, assured that their supplement shipping orders will be handled expertly from initiation to completion. The integration with Amazon and eBay holds particular significance, given their status as two of the most widely used online marketplaces globally. Through LifeLab’s supplement shipping and fulfilment services via Abstrakt, businesses can effortlessly optimize their logistics, streamline operations, and efficiently scale their supplement shipping operations. Entrust LifeLab and Abstrakt to manage all your supplement shipping and fulfilment needs, and unlock the benefits of optimized logistics today.

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